We created HealthcarePromotions.co.uk with the idea that more healthcare professionals would raise health awareness if they had easier access to health promotion resources and campaign news, but the website has exceeded all our expectations and this could only be made possible with the help of our supporters. As we receive no funding from external sources we rely on the generosity of others when it comes to web hosting, website software but most importantly promoting HealthcarePromotions.co.uk and how it is a very useful tool to not only healthcare professionals but also to anyone interested in health promotion.

Without the help of our supporters we would not be able to get more people raising health awareness and this page is dedicated to them. If you are a company, charity, school, council or just a single person who believes in our mission and helps get more people raising health awareness then you are one of our supporters and we would love to feature you on this page. Please use the contact us form to send us your details and how you are supporting us so we can include you on the below list.


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